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thin & slim

Higher PQ performance


Blower fan
    Ultra book fan series        Qmax (Free air condition:CFM)
Fan height[mm] Size
□45 □50 □55 □60
4.0 1.17






1.70 1.97


5.0 1.35


2.41 @43dBA
1.87 @35dBA






6.0 2.13 @40dBA
1.81 @35dBA
2.83 3.23 2.97



Red character  : Under mass production
Blue character : Planning mass production
Others : Will produce as custom-made model
Axial fan
    These fans are very high pressure.One of good application is Pico Projector
DC5V □25×6mm DC5V □30×6mm

  Eco & Super Eco fan series

    * Lower power consumption
        Eco fan : 25% 〜 30% lower than current product
        Super Eco fan : 65% 〜 70% lower than current product
    * Lower fan noise
        27dBA⇒23dBA @ 1m
   Comparison at loaded point (□40−10t)

Piezo pump

Since the diaphragm carries out the high-speed response from the drive part to the drive signal, with a diaphragm pump utilizing Piezo-electric ceramics, it is possible to move liquid as in an ink jet.


Furthermore, since the amplitude of the diaphragm is controlled by the micron order, highly precise liquid flow is possible.


■ Small and lightweight
■ High-speed response: Since the drive parts are made from Piezo-electric ceramics, high-speed response at an operation waveform
■ Liquid droplet injection: It is possible to pump liquids as in an ink jet (0. 0005cc〜0.001cc).
■ Precise part flowing: ±1% precise part flowing.
■ Endurance for chemicals: Correspond to acid, alkali and other organic solvents.
■ Large range of flux control: Flux control of 0.001cc〜0.005cc is made possible through the adjustment of frequency and amplitude.
■ Long-life: Preeminent for durability, since there are no moving part there is no friction wear within the pump.